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Different Ways to Earn

Retail Customer Profit

Earn 25% commission on sales

Loyalty Points

Redeem points for free products

Instant Discounts

Save up to 50% on discounts

Zapple Rewards

10% extra bonus on every signup

Team Commissions

Grow your team for maximum payout potential

Rank Advancement Bonus

Payout on Rank Advancements

Bonus Pools

Share profit on your team sales

Bulk Wholesale Discounts

Get up to 50% off on bulk orders

Incentive Trips

World-class trips around the globe

Preferred Customer Frequently Asked Questions

To gain access to Zapple best (wholesale) pricing, as a Preferred Customer, the membership fee is USD $25.

The Loyalty Program is a monthly product subscription which allows you to earn 15% in Loyalty Points. You can redeem Loyalty Points for free Zapple products! If you maintain a 125 LP monthly Loyalty Program order, you qualify to receive the Bonus Product of the Month.

LP stands for Life Points, the point value assigned to each commissionable Zapple product. Life Points are converted to commissions based on the total point value of products sold by each Affiliate and his or her organization.

Distributors Frequently Asked Questions
Earnings can be transferred to your bank account or used to purchase Zapple products through your Zapple account.
No, products purchased by your customers can help you maintain your Distributors status. Products purchased by your customers can help you maintain your Distributors status.
Zapple pays both daily and monthly commissions.
Your sponsor is your direct upline Distributor. Your enroller is the person who introduced you to Zapple. The enroller and sponsor are sometimes the same person.

**The bonus product of the month is selected by Zapple and will only ship with your next month’s Loyalty Program order while you remain an active participant in the program. The bonus product of the month has no LP and cannot be returned or exchanged for a different product.

†Less than 1% of Zapple Distributors qualify for incentive trips.

††Both Preferred Customers and Distributor receive a 25% instant discount—at checkout—on all personal volume over 100 LP. The instant discount is not applicable to your first order with Zapple.